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the Benefit Management System

Do your members truly understand the value your association brings to the market? Are you providing your industry partners a calculated ROI? How is your association collecting, analyzing, and monetizing your data today?

OMEGA is a customizable Benefit Management Software (BMS) that specializes in generating multiple data sets and insights through an integrated, user-friendly visual platform for associations and their members.

OMEGA gathers, leverages and organizes data while providing user-friendly feedback mechanisms to interpret key aspects of associations and their programs. OMEGA can assist in managing various affinity programs to ensure that your organization and its users are making informed decisions.



  • Data visualization
  • Trend analysis
  • Key influences and insights
  • Enhance program membership relationships

Non-Dues Revenue

  • Calculate ROIs
  • Cross-promotional savings
  • New sponsorship opportunities


  • Attract new members with user-friendly interfaces
  • Customize benefit programs to suit the needs of both suppliers and members
  • Provide suppliers with solid metrics for program investments


  • User friendly navigation
  • Familiar App “like” store experience
  • Diversified demographic user-base
  • Member feedback mechanisms

With decades of experience managing member benefit programs, Advancea understands the challenges faced by associations today. Our platform is not only interactive and engaging for customers, but also analyzes data via a user-friendly interface, allowing associations to make informed decisions, accelerate revenue and manage resources. OMEGA integrates database management, data reporting, member engagement, and operational efficiencies for member retention strategies into one platform – while accelerating non-dues revenue.

OMEGA is dedicated to creating an efficient and effective way to manage your investments in member benefit programs, which allows your association to continue to maintain focus on your core mission.

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